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Anderson 360 Solutions started December of 2009. After 15-years of managing people and overseeing all aspects of Human Resources and Safety, working in multiple industries, Dave came home and told his wife, Kierstin, he was going to leave his employment.


It was a huge risk to take, with their third child being born, a new house just built, and Kierstin as a stay-at-home mom, she asked, "how are you going to do this and us live?" Dave replied, "if we work hard enough, provide an honest offering that client’s need, and try to make a difference and show our passion on helping people and preventing accidents – we can make it" We did just that! By no means was it easy – just ask.


12 years later, Anderson 360 Solutions has grown into a globally recognized business for Human Resource Services, Safety Training, Compliance Assistance, CPR/First Aid and AED Certifications, and Business Consulting work. Since 2012, Dave has grown his one-man-team to over a dozen employees. Each of them, along with Dave, have committed themselves to the success of the clients.


We are proud to announce our training and business development team, as follows:

Dave Anderson

Founder and CEO


Dave launched Anderson 360 Solutions as an expert in providing safety training along with dealing with business risk and compliance needs. Dave’s extensive experience affords A360 the ability to assist clients with practical real-life business solutions. His dynamic coaching style, combined with clear-thinking and honest advice prompts businesses to explore solutions to improve on their safety, compliance needs and bottom line.


With over 25 years of professional experience in all aspects of Safety, DOT, as well as Human Resources, Dave is known as the expert in the industry.  Dave and A360 has been responsible for matters including OSHA, MSHA, DOT, HR and other regulatory agencies – handling hundreds of inspections and cases per year. Ask us how he can be your next speaker!

Clate Bogan

Safety Specialist / Trainer

IMG_1718 (2)_edited.png

Clate brings A360 over 40 years of safety and managerial experience in the automotive, metal fabrication and manufacturing industries.  His focus has been on implementing lean manufacturing tools and developing a safe work environment. He is known for his problem-solving skills and has worked with continuous improvement initiatives and brings knowledge and experience in the globally recognized standard of quality management (ISO). Clate has tremendous experience leading teams in safety and delivering employee engaged training sessions. Clate is a conscientious individual that focuses on “Behavior Based Safety” initiatives and excels at driving a positive safety culture.

Shannon Rohner

Certified Trainer 

Shannon is a Certified CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor with over seven years of experience. Shannon uses a hands-on approach when teaching by having the audience actively participate in demonstrating and practicing all phases of emergency response. Her years of experience in teaching thousands of individuals make her an expert trainer as she is able to share many real life situations. Her professional expertise also allows her to adapt her courses for healthcare professionals to first-time students.


Shannon holds the following certifications: American Heart Association (Basic Life Support, HCP, Heartsaver CPR/AED, Heartsaver First Aid and Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED), National Safety Council (CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor) and Certified Oxygen trainer.

John Sage, Ph.D.

Senior DOT Specialist 


John started in the transporation industry almost 49 years ago and since then, he has held every job. This includes safety manager, operations manager, distribution manager, dispatcher, planner, fleet manager and driver.


John started and operated his own trucking company for seven years in the midwest, and one of his accomplishments was being a part of the Road-Railer program for General Motors. In addition to his career, John has been a transportation and hazardous materials consultant for 35 years, and has consulted in dozens of major industrial acquisitions with companies such as NASA, TSA, Anheuser-Bush, Whole Foods Market, American Airlines, Ford Motor Company, Michaels, Sea World and even the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. 

Michael Waterfield

Marketing Director 

Leslie Carpenter

Office Manager  

Michael has over twenty plus years of graphic design and marketing experience. As the consultant/director of marketing at Anderson 360, Michael oversees the website, marketing communications and all collateral pieces for the business. 


He has the creative vision and personality that Anderson 360 requires.

Leslie is the glue that holds the company's back office together and keeps Dave on task. With her organizational and accounting expertise, Leslie is the back bone of Anderson 360.


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