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“We first tested our employees to create a benchmark for candidates.  The results gained from that really lined up with the individual’s abilities which gave us confidence in the assessment.  Since that time we assess all individuals being considered for open positions and it has become a useful tool in making our evaluation.”


“A high performance workforce is critical to our organization. The administration of the Personality Assessment by Anderson 360 Solutions is essential in our hiring process to ensure we select the right candidates.  Our proactive approach to hiring has enabled us to select the right people for the right job helping reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover.”


The ease of the Assessments online administration has made this a highly convenient and affordable way to screen applicants before committing to the high cost of bringing into the organization for further interviewing and evaluation.”

Anderson 360 Assessments

Anderson 360 Assessments is an information system, management and organization development process designed to be used "in-company" by decision-makers to improve the utilization and performance of employees.

Combining a fully computerized instrument with intensive application training and consulting support, the assessment meets the needs of today's managers for practical and accurate information.

The assessment measures the most critical seven work-related personality traits and job behavior perceptions. Measurements that tell managers the basic nature of employees and, importantly, how they perceive they must behave in their jobs in order to meet the organization's expectations.

7 key areas or work-related traits of the assessment program:

 Hiring and Selection

 Management and Coaching

 Team Building

 Conflict Resolution

 Personnel Development

 Succession Planning

 Mergers and Acquisitions

 Employee Retention. 

Andersons 360 Assessments are specifically designed to deliver real life, practical leadership methods which factor in the precise personality traits of both the executive management team as well as their direct reports. Going far beyond leadership theory, it is designed to maximize the overall performance of each and every member of the organization by best leveraging the strengths of their natural personality traits. 


The ROI of having Anderson 360 Solutions assist with this process has been specifically designed to account for these major cost categories associated with turnover:

 Direct Turnover Expense

 Administrative / Support / Training Expense

 Lost Sales / Opportunity Cost

 Leadership Training and Development


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