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We provide both Avetta and ISN written services for program development and compliance work so companies
meet the necessary requirements.

Since 2003, PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening) Auditing now Avetta has served as a leading provider of supply chain risk management solutions. Hundreds of global organizations depend on Avetta to align their supply chains to sustainable business practices, worldwide. The auditing services have become the standard in many industries, including chemical, construction, energy, telecom, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and pharmaceutical. 

Established in 2001, ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier management. They support more than 500+ Hiring Clients in capital-intensive industries to help manage more than 60,000 contractors and suppliers with operations in over 85 countries. ISN takes pride in leading efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contractor management systems and in serving as a forum for sharing industry best practices among its clients.


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