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MSHA Part 46 & 48 New Miner Training


MSHA Part 46 & 48 regulations require that new miners, or first time workers, complete a minimum of 24 hours of training prior to beginning work at the mine.

MSHA Part 46 & 48 Refresher training regulates that all miners must complete 8 hours of refresher training each calendar year.

Potential Course Training 

 Electrical Hazards

 Emergency Evacuation

   and Fire Escape


 First Aid

 Ground Control

 Hazard Communication  


 Health and Safety Aspects

   of Assigned Tasks

 Introduction to Work Environment

 Line of Authority

Potential Course Training Topics:


 Mandatory Health and Safety Standards

 Miner Rights

 Prevention of Accidents

 Self-Rescue and Respiratory Devices

 Transportation Controls

   and Communication Systems

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